Professional Skills

Not just a creative and an artist…

My professional skills are diverse and in-depth, spanning across several key areas.


I have held the role of marketing manager or director for several companies. In this area, I analyze business objectives and their sustainability. Subsequently, I plan the actions to be taken based on the available budgets, following a precise order of priority to maximize the effectiveness of the strategies.


Graphic Design

I possess both creative and technical skills in graphic design, ideal for the creation of communication materials. These skills are fundamental for implementing marketing plans and business development strategies, ensuring consistency and visual impact.

Video Editing

I am proficient in structuring storyboards and editing video and audio. This includes the entire video production process, from initial conception to post-production, ensuring a high-quality final product.


Web Design

I have experience in creating websites, e-commerce platforms, and web applications for managing business activities. My skills in this field ensure efficient and user-friendly digital solutions, aligned with business needs.



I use media planning strategies and social platforms to enhance the company’s visibility and engagement. I am capable of developing and managing integrated communication campaigns, optimizing both online and offline presence.


I have written several books, both thematic guides and novels. Writing is one of my passions: I love exploring and sharing new knowledge, as well as telling engaging stories.

Software Technical Skills

Suite Adobe
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Simply the passion for imagining and creating…



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