My works

A very personal way to convey thoughts and emotions…


Defining my creations as “works” has always been a challenging task for me, not because they aren’t, but because they fundamentally represent my very personal way of expressing my feelings, emotions, and my individual approach to life.

I simply translate emotions and sensations into lines, shapes, and colors, creating compositions that originate characters or represent abstract moments, free from any form of constraint or rule.

I don’t find anything special in what I do; for me, it’s a way of communicating, just like writing my books. I could say it’s a very personal way of walking the path of life.

I have chosen not to confine artistic creation to mere exhibition pieces but rather to integrate it into objects, accessories, and fashion to be lived and worn. Art to collect, but above all to live through, to express one’s individuality and emotions.

Some examples of the works created.

If you wish to see my works, I invite you to visit the dedicated area. Thank you for your attention.

simply passion

Simply the passion for imagining and creating…



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