How My Creations Are Born

Explaining how my creations are born is not at all simple. It is not an exercise in painting or graphic techniques, nor an attempt to represent reality as perceived through the senses. My works are manifestations of emotions and thoughts translated into lines, shapes, and sometimes colors. Each creation is an expression of my inner world, made up of faces, abstract characters, and combinations of forms that dance in an explosion of vibrations.

Representing emotions is a personal and creative act through which I materialize intimate sensations. It all begins with a line that, following the flow of feeling, generates shapes, dimensions, and sometimes completes itself in an explosion of colors. It is a world that needs to be observed with care, going beyond appearances, and embracing the emotions it evokes in the observer.

My first creations were made with ink pens on cardboard, followed by works on canvas with acrylics, and then evolving into digital compositions. The use of digital technology, such as the graphic pen, is not a simplification but the employment of new tools to create innovative representations.

Some works are available as reproductions on canvas, while others transform into wearable art in the form of clothing and fashion accessories. This journey reflects my desire to make art accessible to a wider audience, allowing anyone to express originality and uniqueness through their own style.

In this way, art steps out of its traditional exhibition to become not only a collectible object but also an integral part of everyday life.

A Direct Contact

Do not hesitate to contact me with your requests. I will be happy to respond as soon as possible.