Who am I?

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To explain who I am and my thoughts, I am sharing an interview that was conducted with me.

Outside the Box

Art and creativity are expressed in many ways. For some, it is a path in search of success and profit; for others, it is simply the gift of creating what did not exist, except in their own thoughts and emotions.

Success and Authenticity

Once I was asked, “What is success to you?”

I don’t know what success might be, but it certainly isn’t just possessing things. For me, success is being authentic, which means being yourself regardless of others’ opinions, desires, and expectations. In other words, success is BEING and thus living free to be yourself.

The Love for Creation

Why do you love creating, through graphic design and writing?

It is something I feel inside, perhaps my personal way of existing, without the pretense of pleasing or appeasing anyone.

Luxury Creations

Why have you also created works oriented towards luxury?

No, I did not do it to please those who already have everything. However, I believe that some works, when they become everyday goods or accessories, should maintain their uniqueness and value.

For this reason, the available items are very few, limited, and equipped with a unique recognition, such as a QR code that assigns ownership and catalogs them in a digital archive.

It is not just about maintaining the value of the creation or collection, but about supporting the importance of uniqueness, just as all individuals who understand they are unique.

Balancing Accessibility and Luxury

How do you plan to balance works accessible to the masses with luxury artistic accessories for the few?

Art and creativity, understood as the possibility of feeling represented, should be for everyone. It is obvious that a unique collection for a specific collector is not within everyone’s reach, given the high complexity and costs of production. Conversely, items with modest print runs can be made accessible to a wider audience. However, even these items can maintain or even increase their value over time.

Marketing and Artistic Creation

You have worked in marketing. Do you apply marketing to your art as well?

Are you asking if I do marketing to promote my creations?

It reminds me of the image of the skilled cobbler who goes around with broken shoes. I am very good and meticulous in my work for others, but less attentive to my own needs. As an artist, I enjoy creating rather than worrying about selling. I follow some rules, but I don’t worry about achieving sales targets. Life is short, and I prefer to savor every moment rather than worry about selling.


What do you think about sustainability?

I believe we should minimize resource waste, not view things as disposable but as resources to preserve and reuse. Sustainability also manifests in giving opportunities to others, helping them create their own path. It’s not just about wealth or possessing things, but about satisfaction, feeling at peace and in harmony with oneself.

Peace and Serenity

Are you at peace and in serenity?

Good question. I experience many moments of serenity and inner peace. I love living in the present, without chasing the future or dwelling on past memories. However, I am a soul in constant search, which generates many emotions that I love to represent in my works.

Digital Creation and Art

Some of your works have been created with ink on paper, others on canvas, and many with digital tools. Can digital creation be considered art?

Every era has its means and tools. Prehistoric humans drew in caves with stones and charcoal, in other times they carved wood or stone, or painted on canvas. Today, there is also digital; drawing on a tablet is a way to represent ideas with lines, shapes, and colors. For me, art is expressing oneself with every possible means and tool, so digital is also a medium through which to create.

Future Wishes

What wish would you like to fulfill?

I live in the present, having chosen to let go of dreams and expectations. I would like a less violent and more supportive world. With a touch of artistic selfishness, I would like my creations to bring serenity.

Help Projects

You privately confessed to me that, anonymously, you carry out help projects. What are they about?

I can’t go into details, otherwise my anonymity would be compromised. What you do to help shouldn’t be celebrated, you just do it, in silence. I am dedicated to developing a platform aimed at the care and support of the soul.

Foundation for Help Projects

Would you like to create a foundation to support help projects?

I have dedicated time and effort to various projects. A foundation requires a lot of resources. Perhaps some collectors might support certain projects, but the time is not yet right. If it is meant to happen, it will be a joy to contribute.

Influence of Private Life

Has your private and emotional life influenced your works?

Everything we experience affects our emotions and our feelings. My life has been full of changes, evolutions, and events, like everyone else’s. Not everything has been easy, but I am grateful for every moment and for what it has allowed me to learn, even from difficulties.

Privacy and Public Life

You talk little about your private life and don’t flaunt your celebrity acquaintances. Why all this privacy?

If I talked about my private life, it wouldn’t be private anymore. Friendships are precious gifts; a friend is important for the relationship you share, not for their fame. I don’t snub anyone; I welcome everyone, but I refuse to give more importance to wealthy or famous people. The greatest lessons I’ve learned have come from simple and humble souls. I can’t please everyone, and that’s okay.

Changes in Life

What would you change about the life you have lived so far?

Probably nothing. Who I am, with my strengths and weaknesses, is the result of what I have experienced. I accept the negative experiences and the suffering as part of my journey.

Advice for Life

If you had to give advice, what would it be?

I don’t think I can offer advice. I would just say: listen to your soul, follow it, and try to live in a way that makes you happy. Life is too short to waste it.

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